Saturday, October 9, 2010

Is it EQMM -- or is it BLACK MASK?

I belong to two fine critique groups here in the Rose City, and I'm pleased to announce that Mr. Doug Levin, a stalwart member of one of those groups, has a great story called "The Docile Shark" in the December issue of EQMM. But wait, there's more: That same issue recycles a cool Norman Saunders cover from the Nov. 1949 issue of Black Mask. PLUS: In the back of the mag there's a ballot to vote for the Reader's Choice stories of the year. Does anyone happen to recall a certain tale from the February issue called "Skyler Hobbs and the Rabbit Man"? (I'm talkin' to you here, Ma. Give me your vote and I'll eat my vegetables!).

Saunders was having fun with this one. See what that babe is writing?  
Murdered by Norman S . . .


  1. If "Writ In Blood", why the woman is writing with a can of paint? Is a can of blood?

  2. Maybe the color is called "blood red".

  3. "Skyler Hobbs and the Rabbit Man" was one of the best short stories of the year.