Monday, July 14, 2014

Cap Gun Monday: HUBLEY RIC-O-SHAY .45

At twelve inches long and nearly six inches tall, the Hubley Ric-O-Shay is second largest western cap pistol I own. (I posted of video of the biggest, the sublime Hubley Colt .45, HERE.) This one is even bigger than most real real handguns, and it makes a cool ricoshet sound (hence the name) as the trigger snaps back. 

It has no connection, other than pronunciation, to Stan Lynde's long-running comic strip featuring cowboy hero Rick O'Shay. Hubley also made an unimpressive Ric-O-Shay Jr., which we'll see further down the line.

More undeadly weapons HERE.


  1. I remember the ads for that and I thought it was neat, but it also gave the impression that every shot missed and the bullet went panging off into space.
    It appears to take loose shells. If so, it would need Greenie Stick-Em caps (however they spelled it). Is so?

  2. It does take loose shells, but - strangely - the hammer does not strike the bullets. The gun uses roll caps instead.