Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Man With a Very Short Name

The mysterious Steve M resides in the UK. I know that much. From the interview he granted Joanne Walpole I learned that his love of westerns may have had its genesis in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, and a series of books based on The Man With No Name. I know he reads about 6 books a month, not all of them westerns, and enjoys the Executioner. Beyond that, all I know is he’s been putting out one hell of a blog for the past year or so. Western Fiction Review delivers one entertaining review after another, punctuated with insightful interviews with folks like James Reasoner, Ed Gorman, Bob Randisi, Frank Roderus, Ralph Cotton, Jory Sherman… the list goes on. Oh yeah, I know one other thing. I’m glad he’s looking in on the Almanack.


Jo Walpole said...

He's also VERY knowledgable about westerns and their authors.

Steve M said...

Enjoyed reading your comments about me Dave, I sat here with a big grin on my face. :)