Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Complete Short Story by Norbert Davis

Tomorrow, as Friday's Forgotten Book, we'll be looking at the Norbert Davis novel The Mouse in the Mountain, featuring Doan and Carstairs. Today, here's a warm-up story, from Detective Fiction Weekly of Nov. 11, 1939.

Paging through my pulps, I see I have a lot of Davis stuff, and despite his popularity, only a tiny percentage has been reprinted. I hope to present more of it here in the coming months.


David Cranmer said...

One of the best golden era pulp writers. I will read this over the weekend. Thanks Dave.

Rittster said...

Norby rocks! Thanks, Dave. I'll also be reading this over the weekend, and am looking forward to your review tomorrow of The Mouse In The Mountain. Hopefully I'll find something I staunchly and emphatically disagree with, so that people who staunchly and emphatically disagree with me will comment, resulting in overall increased blog activity. (I'm thinking back to my liking of the gaudy Cleve Adams digest cover.)Gee, isn't it great how just a drop of controversy can sometimes fill a whole bucket?

I think I've already asked you this, but do you have "Cry Danger" the second and last Doan and Carstairs short story, from DFW?

Evan Lewis said...

If I have "Cry Danger" I haven't found it yet. I finally got to the back of my storage unit, but I still think there's a box of pulps still missing.

Deka Black said...

Thanks Evan! You show me an wonderful writer, and gave me a very fun way of improve my english read level ;D

(and before i forgot: cool hat.)

Altés said...
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Altés said...

Fantastic site Dave! A post at Pulpscans lead me to your blog which I'll visit often from now on. Maybe we are few but really passionate pulp lovers here! Greetings from Spain. Altés.

Anonymous said...

A really Fun blog, got here from Pulpscan. Nice to see a Norbert Davis I hadn't read, like Rittster I'd love to see "Cry Danger".I've never read it, in fact I've never even seen that issue of the magazine.Doan and Carstairs were so much fun.


Anonymous said...

Do you hvae Norbert Davis stroy about Max Latin that is scanned like (never say die).


wmeisel said...

Thanks for posting this. I am a big fan of Norbert Davis and I have never read this story before. Best.

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