Monday, September 21, 2009

After the Thin Man: A Study in Costars

I love this movie. Favorite bits include the cuckolded Asta, and Lum Kee - who likes his brother less than his brother's girl. But what intrigued me most this time around were the future careers of the costars.

Another great moment in this film is Jimmy Stewart's instant and over-the-top transformation from milksop to jibbering, snarling maniac. He was only a year or so into his film career, and just three years away from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Destry Rides Again.

George Stucco, the bug-eyed Dr. Kammer, was destined to become Professor Moriarty in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Alan Marshall appeared in the sames Holmes movie, plus many western and detective TV series in the late 5os.

Penny Singleton,
here playing a floozy, was two years away from beginning her long-running role as Blondie.

Joseph Calleia, the nightclub owner Dancer, would later play Juan Seguin with John Wayne in The Alamo.

And Paul Fix, who had hundreds of roles, appeared in dozens of western films and dozens of TV westerns, becoming best known to me as Micah in The Rifleman.


Chris said...

I like how you set this post up—following up on the co-stars' future films. Man, I really have to see Destry Rides Again.

Cap'n Bob said...

Elissa Landi's last name was the answer to a crossword puzzle clue I did earlier today. Where does it all end?

Anonymous said...

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