Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Swingin' with "Perry Mason"

You've heard this theme a thousand
times. Maybe a million. But Ralph Marterie and his Marlboro Men (I kid you not) give it a new kind of cool on this track from the 1959 LP "Music for a Private Eye." It'll make you want to rush out for a pack of Marlboros. Also on the album: themes from Alfred Hitchcock, Peter Gunn, The Thin Man, Richard Diamond, 77 Sunset Strip...  Stay tuned.

"Perry Mason" by Ralph Marterie & his Marlboro Men


Anonymous said...

As a long-time fan of "crime jazz", this is a real find. Well orchestrated and played. I wonder if this has been put on CD? If so, I've GOT to have it.

Evan Lewis said...

Don't know about a CD, bb. Got this from the LP. Buddy Morrow did some great versions of TV Themes, too, which I'll be posting. The albums are IMPACT and DOUBLE IMPACT.

Anonymous said...

Later...after a lengthy web search... nope, apparently it's not available on CD or in MP3 format. Just scratchy old vinyl. Rats.