Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Story With No Name Part 20 by... Me


Our gal Lola takes center stage this week, learning some of the secrets behind the ship in the desert. But she's up against the mysterious Esteban Escobar Bourbon and a handful of his Apache pals. Will she live to tell the tale? Part 20 awaits you now at Laurie's Wild West.

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And hey - several of The Story With No Name authors, I.J. Parnam, Jack Giles, Chuck Tyrell, Jack Martin, Peter Averillo and myself, have stories in the new Express Westerns anthology A Fistful of Legends.

You can snag a copy now, long before it's available to the general public, with free shipping, by clicking right here. A limited time offer!


Laurie Powers said...

That picture is perfect for the story.

JerThom said...

Excellent addition to keep it flowing Evan.