Saturday, January 8, 2011

Do Some Damage CHRISTMAS NOIR Round-Up

The Do Some Damage Christmas Noir extravaganza has come to an end, producing an amazing 35 stories. In case you missed any, here's the table of contents, complete with links. I read them all, and there's some great stuff here. Some tales are violent, some touching, some funny, some wild and crazy. Some may even manage to touch all those buttons at once.

I think the DSD folks have the makings of a fine eBook here. You'd best act fast, and read them for free while you can!

Time and a Half by Byron Quertermous
The Christmas Spirit by Chris Deal
The List by Stephen D. Rogers
All Wrapped Up by Gerald So
Safe Passage by Albert Tucher
White Christmas by Julie Morgan
The Bell Ringer's Carol by Jack Bates
Santa Plugs a Leak - A Santa Noir Story by Daniel B. O'Shea
The Santa Con by Dave White
Grotto Joe by Richard Godwin
Portraits of Detroit: Peter Oberon by Patti Abbott
Lump of Coal by Seana Graham
Santa in a Red Dress by John McFetridge
Bravely Green by Ray Adam Latiolais
The List by Kieran Shea
Fatty and Tinsel-Toes Kill a Christmas Goose by John Weagly
Not So Calm, Not So Bright by John Kenyon
Now I Have a Staple Gun, Ho Ho Ho by Jay Stringer
The Gift That Keeps on Giving by Paul D. Brazill
Christmas Carole by Allan Leverone
Tonight's Episode: Murder-In-Law by Eric Beetner
United We Fall by Sean Patrick Reardon
Death by Shotgun by Matthew J. McBride
The Reindeer Incident by Nik Korpon
A Christmas Carol II (Excerpt) by Evil Wylie
Santa Must Die by Cormac Brown
Not Even a Rat by J. E. Seymour
Room at the Inn by R. L. Kelstrom
Jingle Nelle, Jingle Nelle by Absolutely*Kate
The Meek by Dan Lafferty
Snakes 'N' Ladders by Col Bury
The Right to Bear Arms by Skye Chase
Secret Santa by Alan Griffiths
A Christmas Surprise by J. F. Juzwik
Skyler Hobbs and the Yuletide Terror by Evan Lewis

I'd like to call special attention to Room at the Inn by R. L. Kelstrom. For several years, R. L. and I have been swapping advice in one of Portland's grooviest critique groups. After spending half a lifetime on the fringes of law enforcement, counseling killers, rapists, drug addicts and pondscum of every stripe, R. L. came to know the mean streets as no other outsider can. Watch for more great street stories, coming soon! R. L. blogs at The Wisdom of Zipper.


pattinase (abbott) said...

How nice that you did this. Thanks! I missed a few.

Paul D Brazill said...

Good call. Smashing collection.