Friday, August 16, 2013

Forgotten SPICY DETECTIVE Stories: Dan Turner - Hollywood Detective in "Veiled Lady"

It would seem that at least a zillion adventures of Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective have been reprinted over the past forty-odd years. But I'm pretty sure there are still a few hold-outs, and "Veiled Lady" might be one of them.

Actually, Dan's total number of adventures probably lies somewhere between two and three hundred (I think), not counting the comic book stories. His pulp career lasted sixteen years, which pales next to Race Williams' thirty-two year run, but for sheer number of stories, Dan was the busiest hardboiled detective of time. He was also the only hardboiled dick to get his own pulp magazine.

"Veiled Lady" appeared in the October 1937 issue of Spicy Detective. For more free Dan Turner adventures, I suggest you pay extended visits to (HERE) and (HERE).

This post is dedicated to Misters Art Scott and Richard Robinson, who assisted in mysterious ways.

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Jerry House said...

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Much more terse than usual. And at a breathless pace. Loved it!

Lexman said...

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Kelly Robinson said...

Thanks for scanning this! Loved it from the moment she "ankled in."

Evan Lewis said...

Stay tuned, gang. I have a couple dozen more possibly unreprinted Turner stories.

Shay said...


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