Sunday, August 30, 2015

Most Embarassing Minor League Baseball Caps (Part 2 - Fruit, Nuts and Vegetables)

Fort Wayne TinCaps

Jamestown Jammers

Modesto Nuts

Cedar Rapids Kernals

Hillsboro Hops

Many more to come. Stay tuned.

A last-minute addition - by special request of Shay!

Normal Cornbelters


Shay said...

Have you seen the logo of the Normal Cornbelters (our local team)? Their mascot is seriously creepy.

Evan Lewis said...

Not until now, but you're right. Thanks for the contribution!

Did you know that Normal is the world headquarters of Black Dog Books?

Rick Robinson said...

Hey! I like the Hillsboro Hops hat, and the team. It's not embarrassing at all.

Evan Lewis said...

As I recall, though, you chose the hat with the Holiday Inn-type "H," and not the squinty-eyed hop. A sign of your good taste.

Shay said...

A Cornbelters hat... ya shouldn't have(see what I mean by creepy?).

No, I had no idea Black Dog books was in Normal. Was it for the address, I wonder?