Saturday, April 13, 2019

Sam Hill, Private Eye in "The Double Trouble Caper" (1950)

From Sam Hill #1, published by Archie Comics in 1950, comes this wise-cracking tale of a private dick. The art, by Harry Lucey, is only passable, but the dialogue is pure '50s P.I. Steve Mertz will dig it. We can thank "darkmark" for uploading it to 


Cap'n Bob said...

Good stuff, Maynard, even if I tipped to the racket early on.

Evan Lewis said...

Sam Smooth could never has his own comic. He'd solve every case on page 1.

Mike Britt said...

This could have easily appeared in EC's pre-trend titles CRIME PATROL and WAR AGAINST CRIME...and the bad girl looks like a Johnny Craig babe.