Friday, June 21, 2019

Forgotten Books Special: BILL CRIDER sings ELVIS!

One momentous day in history, Bill Crider sent Cap'n Bob Napier a cassette tape labeled "Billy Boy & the B.B.s." Bob thinks it was sometime in the '80s, but could have been a little earlier or later. In any case, the tape has languished in a drawer at Chez Napier all these many years, and made its World Premiere on YouTube just this week. 

Renaissance Man that Bill was, it seems possible he could have played all the instruments and sang lead and backup vocals at the same time, but it's more likely he used a karaoke tape, just as we lesser mortals might have done. The Bouchercon pics are thanks, once again, to Sir Arthur Scott. 


Cap'n Bob said...

The tape this is on probably dates from the late '80s, maybe early '90s. At least, the interview of me is from there. I may have had the cassette around longer with the songs and put the interview on later. It's all a blur.

Caroline Clemmons said...

So great to see Bill Crider's great smile again. He was one of my heroes.

Jerry House said...

Where the hell is Bill's Grammie?