Tuesday, December 31, 2019

A "Virtual" New Year's Eve Party at Stately WALD Manor

Dick Wald (right) with Peter Fagnan

OK, I confess. This was NOT a New Year's Eve party. It happened a couple of months ago, but it took me so long to get the photos processed that we might as well play Let's Pretend.

Dick and Bette Wald boldy opened their home to a mob of distinguished collector types, who came from all points between Seattle and Californy. There was more book talk than the law allows, the consumption of massive quantities of food, and the imbibing of a great many adult beverages. To the surprise of no one, a bodacious time was had by all. Thankfully, Ace photographer Bob Stuart was on hand to capture these images for posterity. Sadly, a number of revellers managed to evade his aim, but here are those who didn't . . . 

Your hostess

Mike Britt, Larry Paschelke, Monte Wolverton, Rob Preston, Frank Young

Frank Portwood

Joan Stuart and Pat Lee

Barry Bernard

Larry Paschelke

Debbie Cross

Rob Edwards

Mike Britt

Monte Wolverton

Carl Richter

Frank Young

Your Not-So-Obedient Servant and Sai Shankar

Irene Lewis

Bob Portwood

Rob Preston

Dave Killian

Bruce Brenner

Debbie Brenner

Bette Wald with Sandie and Gene George

Bud Plant

Greg Phillips, Sheila Emery, Bruce Brenner, Pat Lee

Dale Johnson and Jim Strand

Dale Buscho

Bryan Barrett

Pat Lee and Frank Portwood

Bob Stuart failed to take a selfie, so I've added this Lancecon pic (courtesy of Art Scott) from a few years back. In the background: Me. We both still look exactly the same. Honest.