Sunday, September 20, 2020

Westerns You MAY Have Missed (1932)



Glen Davis said...

Some great westerns there!

This was about the peak of Buck Jones's career. He'd start slipping down to lesser studios until he was out of work in 1938, until he began The rough Riders with Tim MCoy.

Rex Bell was married to 'It' girl Clara Bow. This was probably the peak of his career as well.

Randolph Scott and Harry Carey, are of course, all time greats.

Matthew Clark said...

Really want to see more George O'Brian westerns from the early thirties. Especially Frontier Marshal.

Have seen The Devil Horse serial, which Yakima Canutt also did stunts on. Frankie Darro is a wild boy" who befriends 'the Devil Horse", and Harry Carey sort of adopts.