Sunday, October 18, 2020

More Westerns You MAY Have Missed (1932)


Big Murr said...

I'm curious if there is an anachronism at play or not with "Come on Tarzan!". Since "Tarzan of the Apes" debuted in 1912, it all depends on when the movie's plot is set. A true wild west story makes the name an amazing prediction. IMdB synopsizes the plot, but doesn't mention the setting date.

Curiosity over teeny tiny details.

Glen Davis said...

Tom Keene is a pretty generic cowboy, IMHO. I've seen a couple of his movies, but I don't remember anything about them, except for very fake looking punches.

Ken Maynard looks awful slim in those pictures.

Evan Lewis said...

Don't know when "Come On, Tarzan" is set. Near as I can discover, though, Ken got his horse around 1925 and named him after the Lord of the Jungle. I have to assume his fans all knew that.