Friday, January 20, 2017

The Executioner in the Library

Had a fine surprise at the county library when I saw these shiny new trade paperbacks on the New Books shelf. The covers are way less pulpy than the originals, which is too bad, but the insides are as great as ever. A Mack Bolan rampage through our public libraries is long overdue. They're available as ebooks too. Makes me want to read them again for the fifth or sixth time.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Complete Adventures of Race Williams

“Knights of the Open Palm”
“Three Thousand to the Good”
“The Red Peril”
“Them That Lives By Their Guns”
“Devil Cat”
“The Face Behind the Mask”
“Conceited, Maybe”
“Say It With Lead!”
“I’ll Tell the World”
“Alias Buttercup”
“Under Cover”
“South Sea Steel”
“The False Clara Burkhart”
“The Super-Devil”
“Blind Alleys”
and three Race-free tales:
“Paying an Old Debt”
“The False Burton Combs”

The Snarl of the Beast (novel)
“The Egyptian Lure”
The Hidden Hand (novel)
The Tag Murders (novel)

And many more to come. Get 'em HERE.