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Friday, May 30, 2014

Forgotten Stories: "The House of Seven Dragons" - a SPICY ADVENTURE by Robert Leslie Bellem

Not long ago I posted "Hop Cargo," a spicy adventure starring hard-wenching news photographer Johnnie Piper (that's HERE). Now our man John is back, and once again up to neck in scantily-clad females. This one's from the May 1937 issue of Spicy Adventure Stories. Let the titillation begin . . .

Friday, May 16, 2014

Forgotten Stories: OVER THE WALL by John K. Butler (read it here!)

When I posted the Cleve F. Adams story "Smart Guy" a while back (HERE), Cary Jennings suggested I devote some attention to another neglected pulp writer, John K. Butler. Well, I think that's a fine idea. Thanks, Cary!

For most of us, John K. Butler blipped onto our hardboiled radar thanks to Mr. Ron Goulart, when he wisely included the Dime Detective story "A Saint in Silver" in his 1965 anthology The Hardboiled Dicks. (For that matter, the same could be said of Frederick Nebel, Norbert Davis, Richard Sale, Raoul Whitifeld, Frank Gruber and Lester Dent.) The hero of "A Saint in Silver" was cab driver Steve Midnight, who drove the mean streets of Southern California.

Then in 1998 John Gunnison of Adventure House brought us At the Stroke of Midnight, the complete collection of nine Steve Midnight stories. Butler also sold to other magazines, and I have examples of his work in Black Mask, Detective Fiction Weekly, Argosy, 10 Detective Aces, and Street & Smith's Detective Story. I also have a couple from Double Detective, including this one, from August 1938.

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