Friday, November 16, 2018

Forgotten Books: THE MASK OF DR. FU MANCHU by Wally Wood (and Sax Rohmer, too) (1951)

From way back in 1951 comes this full-length Avon one-shot adapting the novel by Sax Rohmer. This one was scanned for comicbookplus by "larrytalbot," whom we all know was aka the Wolf Man.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Sherlock and Watson? Nope! It's SPURLOCK and WATKINS in "Murder in the Blue Room" (1936)

From December of  1936, and Detective Picture Stories #1, comes this tale of two famous detectives (one of whom is undoubtedly a great uncle of Duane Spurlock). It was uploaded to comicbookplus by stopper75, and story and art is credited to John A. Patterson. Another Spurlock and Watkins story (in black & white, alas) appeared in the next issue, and can be read HERE

A third adventure (once again in color) will appear here too soon for some, not soon enough for others.