Sunday, April 4, 2010

Alamo Pilgrimage 5: Living History part 2

Continued from yesterday, a rubbernecking stroll around the Alamo grounds.

This guy was with Captain Shackleford's Alabama Red Rovers. Quite possibly the Captain himself.

The Red Rovers' weapon collection, including a nice blunderbuss.

 The fellow was demonstrating how to load a flintlock. He agreed with my observation that riflemen sometimes urinated down the barrel to clean it, bringing wrinkles to the noses of these two ladies.

Had to keep my distance from these folks. They wanted donations.

Throwing knives on display. These are the first I've seen that actually look like Bowies. Most throwers resemble the ones front and center. A snot-nosed kid was showing off in the background, hitting the mark every time and making it look easy. It's not. 

The real Davy Crockett, and friend. Is that Georgie Russel?

Even brave Alamo defenders need a cigarette break now and then.

For more Alamo Pilgrimage photos, click HERE.


Cap'n Bob said...

Davy didn't miss many meals, it seems.

Evan Lewis said...

Shot him a lot of b'ars, you know. Just greased 'em with butter, pinned their ears back and swallowed 'em whole.

Cap'n Bob said...

After he grinned them down.

Deka Black said...

wow, the load of a flintock seems pretty hard. Too much o too few powder and...

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed again.