Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"The Great Whydini" by David Cranmer

David Cranmer has done it again. He's given us another crackerjack story, this time a tale of love, lust and sudden death on the new online crime magazine ALL DUE RESPECT.

The Great Whydini is an escape artist in the tradition of the guy pictured here. But what happens when his unfaithful wife and former best friend decide they've had enough of his ego? To find out, click HERE and let David Cranmer (he of BEAT to a PULP and Education of a Pulp Writer) entertain you.

ALL DUE RESPECT is a mag with an intriguing mission statement: We are interested in crime fiction. That means fiction about crime. Not solving crime. Not bemoaning crime. Fiction about people who are criminals and maybe a little bit about why they are criminals, so long as you don't go Dr. Phil on it. Check it out!


Charles Gramlich said...

Thanks for the heads up on this. I'll check it out.

Deka Black said...

"The guy" is harry houdini, right? BTW, the man was, as we said in spain "cuadrado" (squared) (This means the man have a very good amount of muscle and is in good shape).

About the story, well, the thing about the lack of air remeber me the EC comics pre-code.

David Cranmer said...

Thanks, Dave. That picture you posted of Harry Houdini was very much stuck in the back of my mind when I wrote this.

I'm glad you liked Whydini and am appreciative of the link.

Richard Prosch said...

Cranmer has all the traditional elements in play here and adds a few of his own. Thanks from me too, Dave!

David Barber said...

Who's Dave? Nice shout out for Mr Cranmer, Evan. A really entertaining story that was very well written.

Regards, David.