Saturday, September 11, 2010

Art Gallery: John Wayne

In celebration of the really big JOHN WAYNE WEEKEND going on over at THE TAINTED ARCHIVE, heeeeere's Johnny.





Cap'n Bob said...

Too bad these posters aren't signed. There were a lot of great artists working in Hollywood who may never be recognized.

Deka Black said...

First time i see thes eposters. Maybe is the originals are already old, or is due to the fact i'm colour blind, but i see a lot of yellow in the skin of the Duke.

Charles Gramlich said...

He's like the prototype of a western hero in these pics.

Ron Scheer said...

Thanks for these - and for the large version of SAGEBRUSH TRAIL, a favorite. I posted a comment on this film over at Gary Dobbs for this weekend, and had only a thumbnail version for him.

Oscar Case said...

The posters are awesome, almost to the point of fine art, and some will say it's already there.