Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Doc Savage is Back! HORROR IN GOLD by Will Murray

Will Murray has done it again. Another brand new WILD adventure with Doc and the gang is now available from Altus Press. And yeah, this one is wild.

Horror in Gold opens with two men's heads exploding, blasting blood and brains over the streets of New York. This spectacle is followed in short order by mysterious decapitations of fingers and hands - and yes, more heads. And Doc Savage takes it in the shorts, too, as the rear end of one of his favorite roadsters vanishes into thin air.

What's behind it all? I'm not telling. You should find out for yourself. Along the way you'll meet some amazing characters: A quirky but deadly female with the abilities of an escape artist; a scientist seeking the lost secrets of the ancient world; a weird figure slinking around in a purple robe and a Musketeer's hat; and Doc's merry crew of assistant heroes.

The idea behind this series of WILD adventures is to bring us tales that may have been a bit too extreme for the original Kenneth Robeson (Lester Dent) to get away with in the pulps. Luckily, our new Kenneth Robeson (Will Murray) is more than up to the task.

The writing style is right on, the humor hits the mark, and the action jumps off the page. Horror in Gold is everything you could want in a Doc Savage adventure, and the best news it's only the second in a series of at least seven new novels.

Horror in Gold is available now in paperback direct from Altus Press (to order, click HERE), and will soon be offered in other formats - including a deluxe hardcover.

The first WILD adventure, The Desert Demons, is still available too. Click HERE for the Almanack's review. 


Charles Gramlich said...

A little "Goldfinger" perhaps?

Deka Black said...

So many behadings... the killer must be a fan of the Queen of Hearts!

Oscar Case said...

Not a Doc Savage fan, but sounds exciting.

Jonathan Sunlight said...

I just finished reading "Horror in Gold" and I must say I enjoyed this one better than "The Desert Demons". The only nit I have to pick is that the book specifically states what the villain's weapon looks like several times throughout the story, but the cover art reflects something entirely different. Otherwise, a great cover and an even better story. I just picked up "The Infernal Buddah" so not it's time to read that next.

Jonathan Sunlight said...