Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A SPICY DETECTIVE eBook from Black Dog

Black Dog Books has just issued shiny new eBook editions of three of their still available trade paperbacks, and one of them is Killer's Caress, a novel by Spicy Detective author Cary Moran, featuring Spicy Detective character Johnny Harding.

Killer's Caress is especially alluring thanks to this full-page ad than ran in all the Spicy mags back in 1936. I mean , who can resist a hero whose motto is Don't shoot until you see the whites of their thighs?

Don't beat around the bush! Get Killer's Caress for your eReader today!

  And don't neglect these: 

Bonus: A virtual cover by the great Rudolph Belarski!


Walker Martin said...

The e-book and print book cover of the girl pointing a gun is actually part of the large cover painting by Belarski from the April 8, 1939 DETECTIVE FICTION WEEKLY. The bottom of the cover announces "Daffy Dill and Candid Jones Together Again!" The foreground shows two hands holding a camera which the girl is aiming the gun at and over her shoulder is the devil urging her on.

A few years ago there were several pulp paintings from DFW that appeared all at once and I've managed to obtain four of them, including this cover, one of the more symbolic images.

Evan Lewis said...

I have that issue of DFW, Walker. A beautiful painting.

You lucky dog.

Norman Walz said...

In case anyone is interested: The Cary Moran short story "Fatal Facial" is available for download from

Anonymous said...

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