Friday, January 11, 2013

Forgotten (and FREE) Stories: Race Williams returns in "Monogram in Lead" by Carroll John Daly

Here's another in our continuing series of never-reprinted adventures of Race Williams, the Grandfather of Hardboiled Dicks. This "novel" (actually a 35-page novelette) is from the February 1937 issue of Dime Detective. Race made the jump to Dime in 1935, after spending the first twelve years of career in Black Mask.

If you've already received scans of our first six Race adventures, you'll find this one in your email box too. If not, and you'd like to read "Monogram in Lead" (and the others, detailed HERE), write me at and I'll shoot them back to you. More to come!

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Deka Black said...

The amount of never reprinted stories isastounding... How many of them could be lost forever?

shonokin said...

Thanks as always Dave! I got pt 2 in the mail. Pt 1 is probably chilling at a cyber cafe before it reaches the inbox.

Hey I noticed that Black Dog has pushed back their Daly collection to I think April... This will certainly help salve my impatience until then!

Rick Robinson said...

Many thanks! I'll be getting that Black Dog collection when it comes out.

Anonymous said...

What a great service you perform by making these wonderful stories available! Haven't read this story in many years but seeing its opening line,I'm again reminded of the Daly/Mickey Spillane connection/influence. The opening line of Mickey's VENGEANCE IS MINE: "The guy was dead as hell."

--Stephen Mertz

Lexman said...

Thanks for the mails, much appreciated!!

Cap'n Bob said...

Looks like the tramp stamp isn't as recent a phenomenon as I thought.