Wednesday, February 13, 2013

BUFFALO WOLVES: More Holt County Adventures from Richard Prosch

The Old West of Holt County, Nebraska, is flowing strong through the veins of Mr. Richard Prosch, and he’s pouring it out onto the (virtual) page.

The title tale of the new two-story collection Buffalo Wolves introduces two young ladies who find themselves parent-free on the ragged edge of civilization. It ain’t long before human predators start circling, and the girls face a hard choice: flee, lay down and die, or find the grit to fight back.

There’s some fine writing here, as these unlikely heroines suck it up and make their stand. There’s even a guest appearance by Holt County Deputy Whit Branham, star of Branham’s Due and Holt County Law.

Next up is something completely different. “A Gift at Bitter Creek” is a tall tale/ghost story told by Pap McGee, proprietor of the general store. Pap (being a figment of Mr. Prosch’s fertile imagination) is a gifted storyteller, and like “Buffalo Wolves,” this one comes to a thoroughly satisfying conclusion.

What’s next from Holt County? Don’t have a clue, but I look forward to reading it.

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