Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Paperback Gallery: W.T. Ballard's BILL LENNOX

Yesterday, right HERE, I announced the release of the Black Mask eBook "Gamblers Don't Win," featuring Hollywood Troubleshooter Bill Lennox. After his ten-year run in Mask, Lennox was featured in these four novels.

1942 (Signet edition 1945)

 1946 (Graphic edition 1950)

 1948 (Graphic edition 1950)
1960 (a Belmont original)

Some sources say there were five Bill Lennox novels, but this appears due to confusion over the retitling of Say Yes to Murder. It was reissued in Canada as Murder in Hollywood, and in the U.S. as The Demise of a Louse. (Every time I glance at this Murder in Hollywood cover I have the impression this babe is holding a fish in her left hand, and have to look twice to be sure she ain't.)



this second Graphic edition was published in 1954

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