Friday, January 17, 2014

Forgotten Stories: "One Man Died" - a complete novelette by NORBERT DAVIS

Norbert Davis is best known these days for his quiet but deadly detective Doan and Doan's imperturbable partner, Carstairs the Great Dane. Four Doan & Carstairs adventures, "Holocaust House," The Mouse in the Mountain, Sally's in the Alley and Oh, Murderer Mine are available free in eformat HERE from A final story, "Cry Murder!" appeared in Flynn's in July 1944. I DO NOT have a copy of that one, but I'd sure like to. Can anyone help?

Davis' best know pulp detective, Max Latin, appeared in Dime Detective and has been collected by Altus Press, HERE. And Black Dog Books offers Dead Man's Brand, a collection of eight Norbert Davis westerns, HERE.

But Davis wrote a lot more than that. From Detective Fiction Weekly, I have two adventures of Simeon Saxon, an ex-con (innocent, of course) who now tries to help other folks walk the straight and narrow as a "public relations counsel." This tale is from January 18, 1936. The other story (coming soon), is "Diamond Slippers," from March 14 of that year.

I posted one of Davis' westerns, "Their Guardian from Hell," HERE.


Rittster said...

Norbert Davis is one of my top five favorite writers. I've been looking for that Doan and Carstairs story, "Cry Murder!", for more than 15 years, mostly through ebay and Bookfinder,com, but so far have come up empty handed. So if you ever manage to dig up a copy, please let me know, and I will do likewise. Thanks!

Evan Lewis said...

Deal, Brian. I once found a dealer who said he had a copy of the Canadian edition for July 1944, and asked if that story was in it. He said no. That's the closest I've got.

Rick Robinson said...

I really liked The Mouse in the Mountain but have not read further. I have Sally's in the Alley and Oh, Murderer Mine in ink-on-paper, on the shelf. I should life them, open them, start reading.

Cap'n Bob said...

Finally read it. Nice pace and color. Lots of grit, just they way I like them.

Shay said...

There are some Doan and Carstairs stories available as ebooks but unfortunately I haven't seen 'Cry Murder.'