Monday, September 15, 2014

Cap Gun Monday: Hamilton Secret Agent Hideaway Pistol

Most toy derringers were pint-sized, but this one is a whopping six inches, making it larger than some real derringers, and a very nice handful. It's also unusual in that it tries to straddle the fence between the Old West and the mean streets. Though there is no name on the gun, it was marketed as a "Secret Agent Hideaway Pistol," complete with a cut-out secret agent ID card on the back of the box (if YOU were a secret agent, wouldn't you want an ID card that said so?). The same gun was also made with an Annie Oakley target logo on the grips. Wish I had one of those. I'd be rich.

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Mike Newton said...

This cap gun was made about 1957 at a factory on East Avenue in Hamilton, Ohio. As a collector of toy guns, I have run across several of these from the past. They range in price from about $20 to $40.

Anonymous said...

If this derringer was first made around 1957, it would have been during the TV Western boom. Maybe it was renamed "Secret Agent" and re-issued in the mid-1960's, during the movie & TV spy-fi boom?