Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Western Art of Fred Harman

A few years ago my wife and I visited the Fred Harman Art Museum in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, run by his son Fred Jr. Dang, was I impressed. This guy went way beyond Red Ryder and Little Beaver, producing many fine paintings in the Remington/Russel tradition. Here are three of them. More to come!

"Heels and Horns"

"Yei Bi Chai"

"Autumn's Paintbrush"


Rick Robinson said...

The bronze bust of your grandfather is the one you have at the house, isn't it?

Oscar Case said...

Very nice!

Evan Lewis said...

That ain't just a bust, it's my real grandpa, chopped and bronzed.

Cap'n Bob said...

No doubt about it, the guy could paint.

Lexman said...

very nice paintings,...thanks for showing and letting know this painter