Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Overlooked Films: Lash LaRue in RETURN OF THE LASH (1947)

It's a well-kept Hollywood secret that Western idol Alfred "Lash" LaRue borrowed his schtick from a young Texan named William "Wild Bill" Crider, who, with his pal James "Fuzzy" Reasoner, once roamed the plains righting wrongs and punishing evildoers with his bullwhip. After Lash stole his thunder, Wild Bill supposedly retired, but folks around Alvin, Texas still claim that on moonless nights they sometimes hear the crack of a whip and the scream of some no-good varmint regretting his sins.


Unknown said...

I keep the whip well-oiled, so keep off my lawn!

Rick Robinson said...

Those no-good varmints get what they deserve.

Bob said...

Love 'em.
You can find Lash comics over at:
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