Monday, November 17, 2014

Cap Gun Monday: Leslie-Henry GENE AUTRY .44

With most of the guns I've featured here, I thought my photos portrayed them pretty well. Not so this time. Somehow the pics just don't do this one justice. Maybe it's the effect of the cold winter sunlight, or the distracting shadows, or maybe I'm just off my game. In any case, this is one is 11 inches long, solid, heavy and a joy to behold. It's one of my favorites. Don't be surprised if I give it another photo shoot someday. 

This one takes ordinary roll caps, and the cylinder turns as each shot is fired. 

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Rick said...

like that one. A lot.

Rick Robinson said...

the pictures look as god as the others, as far as I can tell. You must have a LOT of cap guns. Do you ever fire them?

Oscar Case said...

The position of the gun in a couple of pics looks a .155 Howitzer.

Evan Lewis said...

I think my problem with these pics is the stark winter sunlight. This gun looks and feels warm, and that doesn't come across.

I occasionally pull a trigger to see how the gun works, but never with caps. Corrosion is an ugly, ugly thing.

Cap'n Bob said...

Only a couple shots were below your usual high standard. The gun is great.