Friday, November 28, 2014

Toy Soldier Saturday: Cherilea Spacemen

Unable to place these little buggers, I consulted sees-all, knows-all toy solider collector Cap'n Bob Napier, and he delivered the poop. They belong to the line of Cherilea swoppets, made in Great Britain beginning in the '60s. The line also made knights and cowboys and Indians and cavalrymen and baditos, among others, and all look a little awkward. I believe there were six poses in the space guy set, but I possess only these three, which is, of course, a ding danged shame.

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Cap'n Bob said...

That's three more than I have. And to be fair, I had to ask other collectors to identify them.

Hugh Walter said...

Given the colours and the paint, I suspect these are Marx examples, we're not sure if they were licensed, provided or pirated in Hong Kong, only a direct comparison would tell, and then; not much! Just whether or not they are the same mouldings!

They were also produced in Italy (I think - by...Cane? Tribidabo?), again we're not sure how but think the moulds might have ended-up there!


Cap'n Bob said...

Marx was gone when these came out, I think.

Hugh Walter said...

Definitely Marx, there's a carded set on the back cover of Plastic Warrior issue 155, and an article inside by Jim Lloyd.

The Marx are baseless, Cherilea's have bases, Marx packaging can read Marx, Hong Kong or Taiwan. Tribidabo was the Italian connection, they have Cherilea bases.