Thursday, December 11, 2014


My story "Too Many Crocketts," about the grandson of Davy Crockett and his inner voice/ancestral hitchhiker Old Davy, has a twisty history. It was written for the magazine Great Western Fiction back in 2008, but the mag folded before it appeared. It was then expected to appear in the proposed anthology series Six-Guns and Shootouts in 2009, but that project died a-borning.It was finally published online by BEAT to a PULP in 2012, and in the BTAP anthology Trails of the Wild in 2013.

NOW, it's in post-production as a TV pilot from Heck Films. The film even has its own Facebook page, HERE. Meanwhile, two sequel stories have appeared, "Crockett's Never Quit," (online HERE) and "The Pride of the Crocketts," in the anthology A Fistful of Legends (HERE).

As if that's not complicated enough, the series is actually a spin-off of a series of present-day mystery stories featuring Tennessee State Representative David Crockett, also plagued by the spirit of Old Davy. Two of those tales have thus far appeared in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine: "Mr. Crockett and the Bear" in May 2012 and "Mr. Crockett and the Longrifle" in May 2014. Sheesh! I don't call this blog Davy Crockett's Almanack for nothin', you know.


Rick Robinson said...

Wow, that's REALLY, REALLY COOL! Congrats are in order, obviously. (virtual slap on the back and all that).

Oscar Case said...

Congratulations! The Facebook page is cool, too.

Cap'n Bob said...

I just hope you'll remember your simple roots when you're a big Hollywood star.

Evan Lewis said...

Cap'n Who?