Friday, January 16, 2015

Forgotten Spicy Western Stories: TOO MANY MAVERICKS by James A. Lawson

When I reviewed the Black Dog Books collection Hard Guy here last month (HERE), I threatened to post "Too Many Mavericks" by the same author, a guy calling himself James A. Lawson. At the time, I wondered who Lawson might really be, and Mr. James Reasoner wrote with the dope: Lawson was actually western writer James P. Olsen. 

Now, I have just learned, Black Dog is preparing to release the complete adventures of Hard Guy, complete with a an all-new introduction by Mr. Reasoner himself. While Hard Guy had a mere five stories, Dying Comes Hard will have twenty! Publisher Tom Roberts hopes to unleash this fistful of dynamite upon the world no later than April. More details on that book are HERE. Meanwhile, here's a sample of Mr. Lawson/Olsen's work, from the August 1941 issue of Spicy Western. Great title. Do you suppose he was a Nero Wolfe fan?


Our thrilling tale continues at the bottom of the following page.

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Rick Robinson said...

Great stuff. Thanks, though the teasers on the pages with partial bits of the story tempt more. I'll be getting that Black Dog book when it comes out.

George said...

Like Rick, I'll be buying that BLACK DOG volume. Great stuff!

Oscar Case said...

Thanks for posting this sample of his writing.