Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Art of TOM ROBERTS (Part 2)

Marksman, published by Crippen & Landru back in 2002, appears this week thanks to last week's comment by John Hocking. Quite coincidentally, it was George Kelley's Forgotten Book on Friday. His comments are HERE

Marksman features five Joe Puma adventures (hence the name on the door) and four non-series stories.

Here's an image of Joe himself. 

Here's the book on the table. Tsk. That glass is going to leave a ring.

The newspaper headline refers to La Paloma, the ship that brought the Maltese Falcon to San Francicso. The photograph appears to show the ship burning.

And the pulp in the trashcan is the February 1943 issue of Private Detective Stories

I had planned to feature three of Tom's paintings this week, but this one provided enough cool suprises to stand on its own. More coming next Sunday, and for quite a few Sundays to come!

Last week's gallery is HERE.

(Thanks to Mr. Richard Robinson for the Marksman cover scan)


Walker Martin said...

Talk about great art! I love the glass of whiskey on the Hammett first edition and the pulp in the trash can. The newspaper article about the ship is a nice touch.

Rick Robinson said...

Yep, it's the details that make the fun in this one.

Charles Gramlich said...

Evokes the right mood.