Monday, July 13, 2015

Stephen Mertz strikes again! Blaze! #6: ZOMBIES OVER YONDER!

When Steve Mertz pitched this entry in the Blaze series to Rough Edges Press publisher James Reasoner, James told him: If you're going over the top, go WAY over. And that's what he did!

Zombies Over Yonder takes the husband and wife gunfighting team of J.D. and Kate Blaze to the dying town of Yonder, Arizona Territory. The new owner of The Starlight Mine - a creepy dude who wears an opera cloak and calls himself Count Vlad - has the place going full steam, despite having fired all the miners. How's he do it? With a workforce of the Living Dead, natch.

Sounds like an employers dream, doesn't it? Zombies don't need wages, or coffee breaks, or even sleep. But they do need plenty of living - or recently living - flesh to feed their never-ending appetites. Will Mr. and Mrs, Blaze find themselves on the menu? Read Zombies Over Yonder and find out.

Along the way, you'll meet a black-clad albino gunman named Lucien Grubmire, a vengeful Apache named Iron Heart, a sleazeball cavarly commander named Hitchcock, a lissome lass named Blue Feather, and a baker's dozen of evil-eyed gummen slated to meet the undertaker.

Where else can you have this much fun for a measley $2.99?

Get it here: Blaze! Zombies Over Yonder (Blaze! Western Series Book 6)


Cap'n Bob said...

It's on my Kindle and I'll get to it Real Soon Now.

Rick Robinson said...

I'm afraid the love affair with zombie books, movies etc. leaves me puzzled. Will it never end? Enough already, though Steven is a fine author and good guy, the subject no longer interests.

Stephen Mertz said...

Many thanks, Evan, for the review.

Richard, sorry you burned out on the z-thing. I don't blame you. Personally, I've never read a zombie book or seen a zombie movie. (Well, I did see Bela Lugosi in White Zombie years ago) I'm justt having fun dropping the concept into the tropes of a pulp powder burner. Should you change your mind,there's always room at the table! And BTW, the name is spelled "Stephen."

Rick Robinson said...

Stephen, sorry about that! I think you might have had to correct me on that once before. Slow learner.


Karen Joost Henry said...

Hi Stephen---going to start reading the series with book 1 and work my way up to Blaze. Please contact me regarding BEHS reunion. Karen Joost Henry