Monday, October 19, 2015


EC's Old Witch

 Faithful Native American Companion

Yours Truly

Lord of the Jungle

Bat Man

Jerry (not Lee) Lewis

The Duke of Hazard

Wolfman on acid


Jackie K/O

Fred Gwynne

Still more to come. See the first eight HERE


Cap'n Bob said...

I remember these cheapo costumes. You's get the slimsy plastic mask and a sack-like costume with the name of the character and appropriate artwork for him. You looked like an ugly walking sandwich board advertisement in it. I never had one. I was always a cowboy or a bum.

Rick Robinson said...

Will these never end? It's enough to put a person off Halloween completely.

Bob: at least your mom didn't cut two eye-holes in a sheet and send you out that way. Did you have a "bum" costume, or just wear old clothes? These days I guess you'd have been pushing a grocery cart... or at least carrying a sign.

Oscar Case said...

The granddaughter buys these things for the boys, and the older they get, the worse they look.

Cap'n Bob said...

I meant flimsy, not slimsy. Rick: I wore my father's old clothes and made a Freddie the Freeloader face with Halloween makeup.

Evan Lewis said...

CB: Which will you be this year?

RR: Yes, these will end. Don't fret, you're unlikely to see many of these on your doorstep on All Hallows Eve. If you've yet to decide on your own costume, stay tuned. I'll have more suggestions on Thursday, Monday and Thursday.

Cap'n Bob said...

I have a Tor Johnson mask for this year, but I won't be out trick or treating, just scaring any moppets that dare to darken my door.