Friday, November 27, 2015

No FFB Today

You're probably thinking I've been pretty dang lazy this past week or so, shoving up only a couple of posts. Truth is, I'm shellshocked. In a moment of madness I signed on to perfom holiday labor for a certain government agency, and it's turned my life upside down. I'm working nights, long hours and never know for sure when I'll get off. So far, I'm not finding time to put up posts before I go to work, and I'm too braindead when I get home. It's a real challenge just figuring out what day it is. I'm hoping mind and body will soon adjust, but the prognosis seems to be that things will get worse before they get better. We'll see.


Oscar Case said...

Working for Uncle Sam! That's great, Dave. I worked for a time on night shift twelve hours long, and it never seemed to get any better. You need your sleep at night not the daytime.

Rick Robinson said...

Hang in there, pal, think of all that nice filthy lucre.

Cap'n Bob said...

Is it the post office?