Saturday, October 8, 2016

It's Out! The Best American Mystery Stories 2016

My thanks to the folks at Publishers Weekly for the kind words. The book is now on sale. Here's what's in it:
"The Little Men" by Megan Abbott (from Bilbiomysteries)
"Okay, Now Do You Surrender?" by Steve Almond (from Cinncinati Review)
"Toward the Company of Others" by Matt Bell (from Tin House)
"Fool Proof" by Bruce Robert Coffin (from Red Dawn: Best New England Crime Stories)
"Safety" by Lydia Fitzpatrick (from One Story)
"Christians" by Tom Franklin (from Murder Under the Oaks)
"A Death" by Stephen King (from The New Yorker)
"For Something to Do" by Elmore Leonard (from Charlie Martz and Other Stories)
"The Continental Opposite" by Evan Lewis (from Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine)
"Street of the Dead House" by Robert Lopresti (from nEvermore!)
"Lafferty's Ghost" by Dennis McFadden (from Fiction)
"The Tank Yard" by Michael Noll (from Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine)
"Trash" by Todd Robinson (from Last Word)
"Christmas Eve at the Exit" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch (from Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine)
"The Mountain Top" by Georgia Ruth (from Fish or Cut Bait: A Guppy Anthology)
"Mailman" by Jonathan Stone (from Cold-Blooded)
"Rearview Mirror" by Art Taylor (from On the Road with Del & Louise)
"Border Crossing" by Susan Thornton (from Literary Review)
"Entwined" by Brian Tobin (from Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine)
"God's Plan for Dr. Gaynor and Hastings Chiume" by Saral Waldorf (from Southern Review)
A Foreword by Otto Penzler and an Introduction by Elizabeth George


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Cap'n Bob said...

Bravo! Do you get royalties on sales?

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Evan Lewis said...

No royalties. I got a wagonload of bucks and a complimentary copy.

Fleet Commander Johnson, Ret. said...

You've joined some good company in that author's list. Congratulations! DCB.

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Super, man!

Art Scott said...

Interesting that PW, knowing what's what I suspect, credits Otto as the editor, and doesn't even mention E.George. Kudos for giving Jimmy Wright some new life.

Rick Robinson said...

Way to go, congrats.