Wednesday, May 24, 2017

37 different looks at THE MALTESE FALCON (1941)

Lauren Bacall's bronze figurine of Bogart as Spade sold at auction two years ago for $16,250. To me? I wish.

The Conrad falcon, so-called because Jack Warner gave it to actor William Conrad. 47 pounds, made of lead, reportedly used in the film. This might be the one currently viewable only as part of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, which will cost you $75. Or it might not. Falcon facts are elusive.

The other lead statue used in the film. This one has a bent tail, supposedly due to being dropped by Bogart. It sold for $4,085,000 at auction in 2013. No, I didn't buy this, either. Nuts.

This four and a half pound resin version, also used in the film, sold in 2010 for a mere $305,000 to Leonardo DiCaprio and some associates, none of whom was me. Life's not fair.

Tomorrow: The sequel to The Maltese Falcon
Friday: The Maltese Comic Book begins

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