Thursday, September 14, 2017

DAVY CROCKETT AT THE ALAMO by the Plymouth Players (1956)

Okay, you've seen the Disney version, and the John Wayne version, and maybe the Billy Bob Thornton version too. But who's to say how it really was? Maybe, just maybe, it was closer to this 1956 dramatization by the Plymouth Players, with Davy bursting into song whenever the spirit moves him. But probably not. No, most decidedly not. But hey, as long as you're here, give a listen to the theme song, and then you'll be into the action, and you can see what you think. My guess is the guy doing the singing is named Scotty McGregor, but it ain't really clear. 

The YouTube file above features only Side 1 of the album. I had hoped to post the whole thing, but it was just too long. Side 2, titled "Songs of the West" by Cowboy Slim, had nothing to do with Davy, anyway. It featured several obscure cowboy songs, a couple about Swiss yodelers and one that was just plain silly. Five of them were infested with some of the wackiest yodeling I've ever heard, so I posted them in the video-free video below. The guy pictured here listened to all five. Consider yourself warned. 

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