Saturday, September 2, 2017

JOHNNY YUMA SINGS! The COMPLEAT Vocal Stylings of Mr. Nick Adams

Davy and I are proud to present, for what is likely the first and last time anywhere, the complete record catalog of Mr. Nick Adams. 

Nick's singing career began in January 1960 with the release of "Born a Rebel," backed with the tender ballad called "Bull Run."

"Johnny Yuma, the Rebel," with "The Ballad of Scatter Gun Hill" followed in March 1960. The Rebel theme, as you'll discover, was probably his best, because he wasn't trying too hard to sing.

Nick's final shot at the music biz came in September 1962, with "Tired and Lonely Rebel." On the flip side of that one was a silly non-Rebel entry that covers everything from the Garden of Eden to outer space. Both were written by Dorsey Burnette. Burnette, of course, could also write good songs, and proved it with such hits as "Tall Oak Tree" and "You're Sixteen."

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