Sunday, October 29, 2017

Hear it here: DAVY CROCKETT IN CONGRESS by the Plymouth Players (1956)

Since Disney couldn't slap a copyright on old Davy (except for ©Walt Disney's Official Davy Crockett), Davymania marketing was a free-for-all the '50s. One of the outfits joining in was Plymouth Records, producing three albums to complement the first three episodes of the series. Here's the second in the Plymouth series. Stay tuned for the finale,  DAVY CROCKETT AT THE ALAMO, 

This time, we find Davy breaking into song in the halls of Congress (Gee, who wouldn't?) as he patches up the crack in the Liberty Bell. The album jacket credits "Scotty MacGregor with the Plymouth Players," so I can only guess that's Scotty singing the TV theme and the rest of the songs.

For the rest of the story, you'll want to check out this great book, which I reviewed HERE, with comments by Allen J. Wiener HERE, a never-before-published letter by old Davy HERE, and more news and reviews HERE.


Blogs by Allen J. Wiener said...

Excellent find! I have these somewhere, stored away with a bunch of stuff I collected for my book "Music of the Alamo" (

There was a load of Crockett related recordings released during the Disney "Crockett Craze", as well as books, magazines, pulp fictionalized material - I remember particularly enjoying the Triple Nickle books.

Evan Lewis said...

I believe I have one of those Triple Nickels.