Sunday, July 22, 2018

A Rare Occurence: I Buy Books

Back in the Olden Days, I averaged buying about seven books a week. But these days, most of my reading comes from the county library (as ebooks, audiobooks and real books), from review copies, and out of my storage units. My buying average has fallen to about seven books a year. 

But . . . my wife and I did a little road-tripping this week, and all these books were calling my name. You'll hear more about some of them here as the clock ticks on.


TracyK said...

I admire that you keep your book buying down. I have a huge number of unread books -- on my shelves, in boxes in the garage -- so I should cut way back on book buying but have been unsuccessful. I can see why those books called to you.

Rick Robinson said...

Looks like you've got some western reading ahead.

I'm doing the same thing, and between the three library systems available - Multnomah, Clakamas and Washington counties - the availability is vast. But I can't resist some things, and the Post Office still brings a package now and then.

Evan Lewis said...

My excuse was that only one of these (I thought) was available from those libraries. That was Death of Kings, and I have the preceding volumes of that in hardcover. Now I find that at least two others are available in libraries. Could have spent that money on beer or something.

Cap'n Bob said...

Good finds, and it explains your silence at Moop Central.