Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Jerry Siegel and Alex Schomburg present "JON JUAN and the Sleeping Beauty" (1950)

Here's still another amazing treasure shared with the world by comicbookplus. Jerry Siegel teams up with Alex Schomburg for this very different type of adventure mag. Our thanks go out to Henry Peters for uploading this one, from the first and only issue of Jon Juan, published in the Spring of 1950. Jon Juan, you'll gather, is immortal, which means he still lives somewhere among us. It it possible he now resides in Tacoma, WA under the name Napier? 


Cap'n Bob said...

Not me. I would have nailed her while she slept.

Mike Britt said...

Schomburg sold the original art for this book to a Portland collector at the Old Weird Herald's All American Comic Convention in 1977...at least I think that was the correct time and place. I've heard that some or all of the pages were sold off over the years and I believe that some are still here in the Portland area. We need to ask Steve Duin about this.

Evan Lewis said...

We'll likely see him next week, he says. I was at that convention too.