Saturday, October 13, 2018

Dan Turner, HOLLYWOOD DETECTIVE in Color! "Televised Frame" (1950)

Beginning in October 1950, our man Dan appeared in fifteen straight issues of the Trojan comic book Crime Smashers. Sadly, he only appeared on the cover once - the one you're looking at now - but he makes that appearance count. Some of the stories are almost assuredly reprints of the black and white strips in Hollywood Detective, while others appear to be new. I'm pretty sure this one's a reprint. Thanks to freddyfly for uploading it to comicbookplus. Our previously posted Dan Turner comic adventures are HERE


Stephen Mertz said...

Wow! My man! My MAIN man!! Here I thought I knew my Bellem & my Turner. Never heard of "Crime Smashers." You're right, this is a colorized reprint from a pulp but who cares? Great stuff. Thanks for posting!

Evan Lewis said...

Stay tuned, Dan Fan. I hope to post one of these every Saturday for the next 14 weeks.

Cap'n Bob said...