Saturday, November 3, 2018

Dan Turner, HOLLYWOOD DETECTIVE in Color! "Make-Up for Murder" (1951)

I have about 25 issues of Dan's pulp mag, Hollywood Detective, ranging from 1942 to 1950, and nary a one of them has a comic story drawn by anyone but Adolphe Barreaux. Does that mean this one, from Crime Smashers #4 of April 1951 was a comic book original? Nope, but it makes me wonder. In later issues we'll see stories that look a lot less like pulp reprints than this one. Thanks to darwination for uploading this ish to comicbookplus.


Otis Criblecoblis said...

Since everything seems to revolve around 77 Sunset Strip for me lately, I must point out that Robert Leslie Bellem worked on four sixth-season episodes, writing two of them and the teleplay for two others.

Evan Lewis said...

I saw those recently. I thought Deposit With Caution had the most Bellemesque dialogue, and The Alimony League the most Bellemesque story.

Otis Criblecoblis said...

They are both good episodes, but I do want to punch Harold Stone's character in "Deposit with Caution" just for being such a schmuck.