Thursday, March 21, 2019

A Portland Rogues Gallery

Monte Wolverton

A bunch of us Oregonians get together for lunch every month or two at Szechuan Kitchen to discuss books, films, comics, comix, assorted collectibles and world domination. Last month, we had a small but disguished group, and Mr. Bob Stuart brought his big honkin' camera. Who knew Bob was so artistic? If he finds himself some better subject matter, the guy could be a star!

Larry Paschelke

Patrick Rosenkranz

Carl Richter

Carl with David Laurence Wilson and Tim Goodyear

Larry and Yours Truly. I'm pretty sure we were talking about Space Patrol


Rick Robinson said...

And I missed it. Shucks.

TracyK said...

Those are very nice photos. Impressive.

Cap'n Bob said...

Too bad Mikie and Tough Jim weren't there.

Evan Lewis said...

Too bad Cap'n Vice President wasn't there, too.

Cap'n Bob said...

Yes, but I had an excuse.