Friday, March 8, 2019

Otto Penzler Auction Results: RAYMOND CHANDLER Books

$57,500 (inscribed)

These are the prices paid in Wednesday's auction of Part 1 of the Otto Penzler Collection on the Heritage site. Proof that some folks are a lot crazier (and richer) than me. 


$19,375 (inscribed)





$3,000 for both 1st and 2nd printings




$400 for this and the book below


$550 for this and the two following digests

$937.50 for this and the next two books


Walker Martin said...

THE BIG SLEEP going for 57 grand makes me weep in sorrow. In the seventies I once stumbled across a copy in dust jacket priced at only one dollar. I double checked with the owner who sneered at me like I was an idiot. "It's one dollar!"

Unfortunately I soon traded it for a box of mystery books, so not only was he stupid, so was I. But things were so different in the seventies prices were low.

Art Scott said...

Did you see the story over at Existential Ennui (link on the left) where the guy just found a British Little Sister 1st in jacket for 3 pounds?! Hard to believe, but I guess such things still happen. But not to me. The jacketless Clayton Rawson Death from Nowhere I found for a buck in a bargain bin is the best such story I can come up with.

Evan Lewis said...

They don't happen to me, either. Of the books above, I have a Playback about as nice as Otto's (which probably didn't cost me much thirty years ago) and Avon digests of varying condition, probably artifacts of Lancecon.