Wednesday, March 6, 2019

"Remember the Alamo!" (1951)

Doff your coonskins and cowboy hats, gents, because on this day in 1836, Davy, Big Jim Bowie and the rest of the gang went to Glory at the Alamo. This pictorial tribute appeared in the Avon one-shot Davy Crockett, published in 1951, and uploaded to comicbookplus by fan777. The artist is unknown (at least to me). 

This version, you'll note, employs the John Wayne ending, nine years before the film was released. Is this where the Duke got the idea?

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Carrington Dixon said...

AS I recall from my last visit to the real Alamo, the defenders had agreed to blow the powder magazine when their defenses were finally overrun. One defender did indeed attempt this -- but it was not Davy. I sort of assumed that this inspired the John Wayne ending.